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Complete Men’s Grooming at Patsy’s Barber Shop

The Works at Patsy’s Barber Shop

Haircut, shave, ear and nose hair waxing, and we’ll throw in the shoe shine*, all to leave you feeling your best.
(60 min)

Men’s Grooming Services at Patsy’s Barber Shop

* Shoe Shine service available at Concourse location only between 10am-3pm.

Barber Shop Razor Shave

Traditional Haircut

Haircut, eyebrow trim, and a hot towel neck shave.
* Ask us about our basic clipper cut.
(35 min)

Haircut & Face Shave

Haircut, eyebrow trim, and a hot towel face & neck shave.
(45 min)

Haircut & Beard Trim

Haircut, eyebrow trim, hot towel neck shave, and clipper beard trim.
(40 min)

Head Shave

Hot towel head & neck shave, and eyebrow trim.
(35 min)

Face Shave

Hot towel clean face shave, and eyebrow trim.
(25 min)

Beard Trim

Beard trimmed and shaped up with clippers.
(10 min)

Nose Waxing

Nose hair removal using a hard resin wax.
(10 min)

Ear Waxing

Hair removed from the ear using hard resin wax.
(10 min)

Shoe Shine*

A timeless service where we clean, buff, and polish your shoes.
(15 min)

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Finish with “Patsy’s Old Timey Bayrum”

Get the full customer experience and finish your cut or shave with “Patsy’s Old Timey Bayrum.” A creative concoction made exclusively for Patsy’s Barber Shop that smells exactly like it sounds – masculine, but warm.